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What does your membership include?

  • Unlimited office visits including a yearly physical – Whether you need an office visit once a year or multiple times per month, the cost is always the same. We want to be sure that we can help you with your medical concern.  It’s rare that a medical problem can be properly cared for with one office visit. Follow-up office visits are often necessary to evaluate and treat a medical problem thoroughly. Having unlimited office visits is another way to decrease barriers in healthcare.

  • Unlimited telemedicine visits – Telemedicine includes phone calls, video calls, emails, and texts. Depending on the concern, we will often communicate using these convenient methods. Believe it or not, we can often accurately diagnose and treat medical conditions without seeing our patients face to face in the office. By using these easy methods of communication, we can limit frustrations in communication and decrease our patient’s time away from work, school or play.

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Maple Primary Care | Dr. Manvinder Kainth | Plano, Dallas, Frisco, Carrollton, The Colony, Addison, Richardson, Lewisville, Coppell, Farmers Branch, Garland | Direct Primary Care — Dematology (Acne, Wart Removal, Skin Tag Removal)
  • Basic in-office lab tests and studies – Think about all the things that are done at an office visit. In other clinics, you will be charged for every individual test that is done. This would include vision screening tests, hearing tests, rapid strep tests, rapid flu tests, basic urine dipstick tests, and electrocardiograms (EKG).  At Maple Primary Care, all of these lab tests and studies are included in your monthly membership fee. We do not believe in surprise medical fees.

  • Procedures – There are a number of procedures that can be done in the clinic. The most common office procedures include: laceration repair with stitches, joint injections, nebulizer breathing treatments, abscess (boil) drainage, basic orthopedic splinting, freezing (cryotherapy) of warts or pre-cancer skin spots, suspicious skin lesion biopsies, skin tag removal, and medication injections. The cost of all of these procedures is $0. They are included in your monthly membership.

  • Access to low cost labs – Our patients can choose whether to run their lab costs through their health insurance or through our Maple Primary Care rates. Maple Primary Care rates are an average of 80-90% less than commercial rates and the cost is predictable and exact. For example, the Maple rate for a vitamin B12 level is $10. The individual insurance rate for vitamin B12 is unknown and different for each individual patient. Unless a patient calls their insurance company, the cost and coverage of a lab test is unknown. There is no mystery in the cost when using Maple Primary Care lab rates.

  • Access outside of office hours for urgent medical questions – Although most medical concerns can wait until business hours, we know that urgent questions can arise outside of normal clinic hours. We trust that our patients will respect our personal time and encourage them to text us for guidance regarding urgent medical questions.

Maple Primary Care | Dr. Manvinder Kainth | Plano, Dallas, Frisco, Carrollton, The Colony, Addison, Richardson, Lewisville, Coppell, Farmers Branch, Garland | Direct Primary Care — Orthopedics and Joint Pain
  • Access to your doctor – At Maple Primary Care, you will not be put through an endless phone tree only to eventually talk to someone who knows absolutely nothing about you. You will not send a message through a portal for which you have forgotten your password, only to get a reply from someone other than your doctor.  Maple Primary care patients communicate directly with Dr. Kainth for their medical concerns and they get their messages returned in a timely manner.  Outside of clinic hours, your urgent questions will be addressed by your doctor, Dr. Kainth. You will not talk to an unknown provider who knows nothing about your medical history.

  • Limited wait times – When Maple Primary Care patients are sick, they are scheduled the same day or the next day to get the help that they need. There is limited to no wait time in the waiting room as Dr. Kainth makes every effort to see her patients on time.

The best way to think about what’s covered under Maple Primary Care’s membership fee is almost everything that is done at Dr. Kainth’s office is covered. 


  • Lab costs can be run through health insurance or at Maple Primary Care’s discounted rates.

  • Specialist visits, radiology / imaging tests, prescription medication and hospitalization costs are not covered. 

  • Health insurance can help with these extra costs or Dr. Kainth can often guide her patients towards affordable quality care.


If you'd like to know more about getting started with your direct primary care membership, schedule a meet the doc session with the button below and let's start your journey to a better relationship with your doctor.

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