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Doctor Examining Patient

What is membership based primary care?

Membership based primary care is a healthcare model where patients pay a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee directly to their primary care physician in exchange for a range of medical services.  This model offers several advantages for patients:

Membership based primary care offers more personalized experience with your doctor.

There are potential drawbacks of membership based primary care:

  • Cost: The membership fee is an additional cost for patients who have traditional insurance. This can be offset by many factors.  (Click here to see use case scenarios.)

  • Limited Availability: Membership based primary care doctors often limit the number of patients that they accept. This is to ensure high-quality care, easier access and shorter wait times. This can make it difficult for some patients.


Overall, membership-based primary care aims to enhance the patient-doctor relationship, improve access to primary care services, and provide a more personalized and efficient healthcare experience. 


If you are wondering if direct pay or a medical membership with work for your family, we'd love to set up a 'meet the doc' session to see if Maple Primary Care is the right fit for you.  Click the button below to call or text and let's start your journey to health.

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