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Estimate the cost of your medical clearance, labs and studies requested by your surgeon.

Medical Clearance *

  • Detailed History and Physical Exam, EKG, CBC and CMP


Additional Studies

  • Chest Xray    $75

  • Mammogram (at Solis, must be ordered by the surgeon)  $99

Additional Labs

  • PT - PTT - INR $20

  • Pre-albumin $30

  • UA (urine analysis) $40

  • HcG $20

  • HgA1C $20

  • Hepatitis C $10

  • HIV $30

  • Hepatitis B $15

  • Nicotine $100

  • TSH (thyroid) $10

  • Free T4 $10

  • Free T3 $20

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What to expect? A detailed history and physical exam, an EKG for most people and an off-site lab draw. Total time is about 30 minutes. Most lab results come back within 48 hours for Dr. Kainth to review. The patient and surgeon will be notified of results and recommendations.

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The purpose of Medical Clearance for Surgery is to be sure you are as safe as possible for both surgery and anesthesia. You may also hear this procedure referred to as "Surgical Clearance", "Preoperative Exam" or "Pre-op"

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